Chilling 911 tapes released from Taunton rampage

Less than two weeks after a mad man went on a stabbing rampage in Taunton the chilling 911 tapes have been released to the public.

The tapes span a 19 minute period beginning at 6:37pm the last one 6:56pm on May 10th.

"The top of Claire Terrace and Myricks Street a bad accident,” said one caller.

At the same time that accident was reported a frantic phone call came in from stabbing victim Kathleen Slavin. She and her mother were attacked by Arthur DaRosa in their Myricks Street home.

"I’m bleeding everywhere,” said Slavin. “Oh my God, Oh my God!”

You can here the confusion from dispatchers trying to make sense of the situation.

Dispatcher 1: "Did we get an MVA for Myricks?”

Dispatcher 2: “Birch Ave.”

Dispatcher 1: “Yeah we have 270.”

Dispatcher 2:  “270 for a double stabbing." "Did they also get an accident at Birch Ave?"

Minutes later, a flood of calls from the Taunton Galleria as DaRosa crashed into the Macys and began assaulting people.

"Somebody just charged into the building. They attacked me and they attacked other people. My head is bleeding and there’s two other people who may need medical care,” said one caller.

Employees and customers from several stores calling in the chaos. A worker at Metro PCS saying he was personally attacked by the 28–year–old.

"A black male, hoodie short hair got behind my counter and started strangling me,” said the caller.

The rampage ending in Bertucci’s where DaRosa stabbed New Bedford Teacher George Heath and Pregnant Waitress Sheenah Savoy.

"Multiple people are stabbed. This girl is stabbed everywhere in her neck, her back and her side,” said a caller.

DaRosa was ultimately shot and killed by an off–duty Sheriff’s Deputy James Creed.

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