Man found guilty of multiple sexual assault charges

Alexandra Siegel 

Today, Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin announced that Christopher Swiridowsky, 34, was found guilty by a jury at the Providence County Superior Court on Friday for raping a woman back in 2007.

During the trial the State proved that on the early morning of October 28th, 2007 Swiridowsky, the defendant, pulled a woman, a 26-year-old providence resident, into his truck and raped her at gunpoint. After assaulting her, Swiridowsky then pushed the victim naked on to the street and left the scene in his truck.

The victim ran back to her residence where friends then called the Providence Police and Rescue. After a rape kit was conducted at Woman and Infants Hospital, a DNA profile of the assailant was obtained and entered into CODIS, the FBI's Combined Index System. However, a match was not found at the time.

A break in the case came when Swiridowsky was involved in a hit and run crash in Providence. On October 25th, 2009, Swiridowsky struck three individuals, which led to one of the victims becoming lodge into his windshield. Swiridowsky fled the scene of the crime, leaving the victim still lodged, but was later captured by police. He was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury in June 2010.

 Once convicted, a DNA sample was taken from Swiridowsky, and in January 2011 the sample was entered into CODIS. The sample was a match for the one collected from the 2007 sexual assault. Swiridowsky was indicted by a grand jury for sexual assault in November 2011.

The five day trial was presided over by Superior Court Justice Jeffrey A. Lanphear, in which Swiridowsky was found guilty of three counts of first degree sexual assault and one count of assault with intent to commit first degree sexual assault.

Swiridowsky is being held without bail pending his sentencing, which has been set for September 27th, 2013.