Church looking for donations for “Christmas for Syria”

By Alana Cerrone 

When it comes to the Syrian refugee crisis, the debate here in Rhode Island has always been whether to accept the refugees.

Now one church in Narragansett is hoping to steer attention away from those fleeing the war torn country and focus it on those who are staying, specifically, a group of hundreds of children.

Rhode Islander Anthony Brahimsha grew up visiting Syria and during his visits back there he comes face–to–face with the realities of war.

"Your youth and childhood is amazing in that country…and unfortunately now because of the war there’s been so many struggles," says Brahimsha.

That’s why he pushed for St. Thomas More Church in Narragansett to help him help the children in the country he loves. So he and Father Marcel Taillon organized ‘Christmas for Syria’.

St. Thomas More is reaching out to a catholic parish in Aleppo named St. George’s. It is one of the only remaining catholic parishes in Aleppo – almost all of them have been destroyed.

Brahimsha and Father Taillon are inviting all parishioners and the community to pray for St. George’s, and donate.

Those funds will go towards helping the hundreds of children who rely on St. George’s for spiritual and financial support.

St. George’s has taken in nearly 750 children and supported them spiritually and financially – with food, clothing, housing, and shelter.

St. George’s even made a video for St. Thomas More parishioners showing their thanks…but also a glimpse into their everyday life.

Father Taillon says they will be wiring money over mid-December.

The ‘Christmas for Syria’ mission will be mentioned every week at mass at St. Thomas More and St Veronica’s Chapel, starting Saturday. 

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