Churches Celebrate Christmas in Southern New England

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While Pope Francis celebrated the birth of Jesus with millions at the Vatican, churches all across Southern New England are also celebrating the Christmas miracle.

“Oh come all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant,” sang churchgoers.

At the historic Frenchtown Baptist Church in East Greenwich, the congregation gathered for a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

The church was founded in 1823.

The faithful sang Christmas carols and said prayers, and recalled the story of the birth of Jesus Christ.

The pastor said it’s important to remember the story of Christ’s service to others, and that we all should be looking for ways to help people in need.

“I would encourage people that after the Christmas lights go out; after the season is gone, we are called to be lights; we are called to be salt of the earth and to bless those, you know, who really need it and we ought to seek the opportunity to be a blessing to others,” said Pastor Tory MacDonald of Frenchtown Baptist Church.

Religious leaders tell us that the Christmas message of peace, hope, joy and service to others is as important today, as it was when Jesus Christ was born just over two–thousand years ago.