City, councilman headed to Superior Court for hearing

By Alana Cerrone


EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – East Providence Councilman Brian Faria is responding to an affidavit in the investigation into the documents he allegedly photocopied in city hall in April.

He calls it "another frivolous motion” and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

In the affidavit, East Providence resident Jason Desrosiers claims Faria invited him to his house in April, hours after allegedly spending the night in city hall copying documents.

There, he says Faria showed him stacks of public records requests related to his own water bills, vehicles, even emails and text messages, and claimed the city solicitor was answering these requests with more information than necessary, all in an effort to hurt him politically.

We spoke with Faria in June. He said he spent that night in city hall working on legislation.

A judge ordered Faria to return all 250-plus photocopied pages he allegedly took out. But according to the city, only 119 were returned. None were public records requests, and none contained residents’ personal information. City officials say they’re worried Faria didn’t give them everything.

Faria calls this "an absolute waste of taxpayer dollars" and says he will continue to represent the city "without distraction". He is not seeking re-election and is not facing criminal charges. He’s scheduled for a hearing on this matter next week.

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