City Councilman Igliozzi will not stand silent after he and his family targeted with violence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Providence City Councilman, John Igliozzi speaks out after he and his family were targets of vandals over the weekend.

The vandals, in favor of defunding the police, and want him to do so, graffitied the driveway outside his home and inserted spikes in his family’s tires.

The Democratic councilman still shaken up said, “You crossed the line when you came after me , but you further crossed the line when you went after my family.” He continued, “In the middle of the night, several cars and about a half a dozen people on foot, in black walked up the street silently and in a premeditated fashion graffitied my property and also spiked my tires and my family’s tires.”

Igliozzi serves as the Majority Whip and Chairman of the committee on finance. He believes the vandals were trying to demand he take action to defund the Providence Police Department.

“They came to my private home to intentionally terrorize me and my family, to force me to vote to defund and abolish the providence police department, and if I don’t their message was we will continue to terrorize you and your family to escalate to even further levels of violence.” Igliozzi, said.

To make things clear, the councilman told ABC 6 News that he does not support abolishing the police department, saying everyone can check that box. He is willing to listen to the concerns from the public in making changes to the police department.

Providence Police have provided Councilman Igliozzi and his family with extra security outside of his home.

His message to those responsible for this act of violence is, “Graffiti can be washed away, but their acts of violence to cause bodily harm to me and my family and to my children I will not condone nor will I tolerate nor will I stand silently.”

Providence Police are going over surveillance footage in hopes of tracking the people down who committed this act.

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