City Leaders Surprised at Occupiers Idea to Re-Occupy

The Occupy Providence protestors have agreed to pack up their tents at Burnside park the moment the city opens a homeless day shelter, but what the protestors may do after leaving is coming as a surprise to city leaders. 

The occupiers say just because they agree to vacate one park does not mean they will not pitch their tents somewhere else. The plans to re-occupy are not final, but protestors are stressing that the movement is far from over.

“Not at all,” Mike McCarthy, an occupier said. “There's a lot of people here who are ready to re-occupy somewhere else. There's a lot of people who are ready to do many more great things. The beauty of this is that there's been a big victory.”

It is a victory because of an agreement that city leaders hope the protestors will abide by.

Public Safety Commissioner Steven Pare had not heard of the protestors' idea to re-occupy, but he says he hopes the agreement includes occupations anywhere else, not just at Burnside.

“If they do decide to re-occupy in the city of Providence, and I don't know that they will, then we will have to deal with it,” Pare said in a phone interview with ABC 6 News. “I hope it doesn't come to that.”