City not amused by “No Mugging” signs in Providence

Dee DeQuattro

On some streets in Rhode
Island's capital city there is no parking and now
according to new signs that sprung up throughout the city there will be “No
Mugging” either.

Signs that have been placed around Kennedy Plaza
warn passersby that there will be “No Mugging from here to corner,” “No Mugging
on This Side of the Street,” or “Mug Free Zone.”

The city of Providence
had no idea how the signs got there or who put them there but it was clear they
did not think it was a funny joke. The signs surfaced on Monday and by Tuesday
at noon the city was already working to have them removed.

The signs are expected to be completely removed by dusk on Tuesday.

Some speculated that the signs were an art project commenting
on “urban living,” others were spooked thinking that it meant there was an alarming
amount of crime in the city.

Police say there is no reason for people to be concerned in
the past year there has only be six aggravated assaults or robberies in District
1 in Providence.