City of Pawtucket Looking to Revamp Slater Mill Area

By: Tim Studebaker

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PAWTUCKET, R.I. (WLNE) – The city of Pawtucket is taking another step toward keeping the paw sox in town.

Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien says, “We’ve had so many plans, you know, up there on the shelves.  And now we’re getting where the rubber hits the road.”

To get ideas on what would work, they’ve partnered with a development consultant company.

Sterling Project Development’s Senior Project Advisor Michael Cantor says, “Our job is to act as if we are the owner or operator for a club or municipality, and really think about what’s the highest and best use of their land, what’s the best return on their investment.”

Sterling Project Development will spend the next two months getting to know the wants and needs of the city.  Then, they’ll come up with plans to build up the area around the proposed ballpark site at Slater Mill as well as a new transportation hub and commuter rail station.  Plans could include restaurants, entertainment, hotels, and residential development.

Cantor says, “…really draw on the energy of the rail corridor coming from Boston to Pawtucket to make a live, work, and play town.”

The company has already developed around other ballparks in cities like Green Bay and San Diego.  Pawtucket’s mayor hopes this will help convince the state to help keep the Paw Sox in Rhode Island.

Grebien says, “We need the state’s support.  Right?  The state to invest in this community that they haven’t invested in many years.  So hopefully it keeps the Paw Sox at the table.”

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