Clean Water Advocate to Swim Entire Length of Narragansett Bay

By: Tim Studebaker

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Christopher Swain’s love for Narragansett Bay is so great, he says he wants to make sure the bay gets the attention it deserves.

Swain says, “I can see the bay for what I think it is, which is one of the most beautiful, biologically rich estuaries in the world.”

He’s proud of the progress that’s been made to clean up the bay over the past few decades, but says the work isn’t done yet.

Swain says, “If you think of Narragansett Bay a generation ago, it’s come a tremendous distance.  Things are better.  Is it done?  No.  Do we have to be vigilant?  Yes.”

To show his love and raise awareness for cleanup efforts, he plans to swim the entire length of the bay.  That’s roughly 40 miles from Point Judith to Providence.  He wants to use the swim as an outlet to share his three ways you can love the bay too.

Swain says, “First thing: Use it.  Enjoy it.  Get out there.  Get wet.  Second thing: Get other people to do that.  Get your friends and your family out.  Third thing is: Give back.  Give some money.  Give some time to an org like Save the Bay.  Or get involved with a beach cleanup, whatever it is.

He’ll be in the water up to 6 hours a day for a total of 6 to 8 days between Wednesday and June 8th.  At each stop, he plans to talk to people who live and work along the bay.

Swain says, “It’s one thing for me to come here as a guy who grew up in Massachusetts and talk to you about the bay.  But the best way to tell the story about Narragansett Bay is in the voices of the people who live here and work here.”

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