Cleaning up after Hurricane Arthur

Photo: Ronald Mattias

By Dana Griffin


NEW BEDFORD, MA- For 4th of July in New Bedford; streets turned into rivers. Homes on Sylvia Street and River Road were flooded.

“It just kept coming in more and more, walking, sloshing all over the place,” said Sharon Palazzo.

Palazzo’s carpets are still soaked. She’s trying to air out her home that got three inches Friday afternoon. She says firefighters asked her to leave but she refused.

“They wanted me to evacuate actually but I told them I can’t; I gotta get this water out of here,” said Palazzo.

Jut two homes down, a cellar was turned into a pool.

“Everything that was below three–foot level got destroyed,” said Robert Furtado.

Debbie Furtado said, “Yeah, it’s pretty devastating. I didn’t want 4th of July to come in with a bang like that, but we’re all safe and that’s all that matters.”

The Furtado family has lived in their home for 28 years. Before this year, they’ve never had flooding in their cellar.

Fire crews helped pump out water. They’ve thrown a lot of things out, but are unsure if their appliances will ever work again.

In Coventry, one home had four puncture holes in its roof after lightening struck a tree.

Homeowner, Ronald Mattias said, “Lightening struck and everybody in the house jumped a mile. We saw wood flying but we didn’t know and then about a couple seconds later the tree fell down and landed on the house and everybody was jumping and screaming. It was kind of crazy.”

Although stressful to clean up, the families are all grateful no one was injured.

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