Clearing snow before new snowfall

By Dana Griffin


NORTH ATTLEBORO, MA- Days after the big snow storm dropped at least two feet in some areas, it’s still here; piled up on sidewalks and corners with no where to go.

Christine Lee said, “It’s beautiful but you have to be careful.”

Mike Lipsett lives in North Attleboro. He said, “It was frustrating yesterday and Tuesday– how much snow there was to clean up and drive around and stuff. I had to work yesterday. It was just a pain going over the place but now the roads are pretty clear so it’s not a really big deal.”

The Department of Transportation has plowed sidewalks and kept the snow piles low so drivers can see but in many areas, it’s been scary for some to get around.

“Some of these snow banks on the corner are– they’re pretty big. Coming around the corner, a lot of near misses we’re seeing with cars not paying attention, pulling out of parking lots and stuff,” said Peter Huckins.

DOT is doing minimal snow removal now because a few more inches are coming soon.

North Attleboro DPW Director, Mark Hollowell said, “The biggest problem is pedestrian access right now. There’s a lot of areas in town where kids can’t wait for the bus stop to get to school.”

But in North Attleboro, they’re working to remove as much snow from their main sidewalks tonight, working until 5 am Friday.

When snow piles are taller than the plows, they have to dump it in another area of town.

“So even though we have three or four maybe five inches of storm coming next week–if it came– our smaller equipment wouldn’t be able to handle it,” said Hollowell.

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