Closed Case: Daughter searches for answers after her mother’s suspicious death in 1993

EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE)- An East Providence woman was found dead on her bathroom floor almost 30 years ago. An autopsy determined her death to be natural causes. The medical examiner later lost his license to practice.

Now, Lori Lee Malloy‘s daughter, Lauren, is not giving up in her fight for justice for her mother.

30-year-old Lauren Malloy, now the same age as her mother when she passed, spoke exclusively with ABC6 about her journey in finding the person responsible for her mothers death.

After receiving a welfare check from her boyfriend at the time, East Providence Police found Lori naked and dead on her bathroom floor. According to a police report, the responding officer found that the front “door was apparently left open, there were small tufts of the victims hair found all around the apartment, she was found in the nude on the bathroom floor, with slices of bread all around her. The victim herself had pieces of hair wrapped around her left hand and around one foot.”

The report went on to say “The refrigerator in the kitchen was found to be unplugged and there was still food inside. There were two empty glasses found on the table and a small tub of some sort of food salad, also the faucet in the bathroom was running freely.”

Her boyfriend, who told police he had not heard from her in about a week, was originally named a suspect.

He was later cleared by police.

Lauren Malloy also told ABC6 how the autopsy incorrectly deemed her mothers death ‘a natural death.’

The medical examiner, Dr. F. John Krolikowski, later lost his license to practice in Rhode Island, after losing it in Massachusetts. Lauren Malloy said Krolikowski was known for misdiagnosing cases and had many reviewed by the Attorney General’s Office.

“He was known for having not the best track record when it came to quality. Then he came to Rhode Island and worked on my mom,” Lauren Malloy explained.

“I brought those questions forward to a medical examiner today and he agreed with me-it didn’t make sense.”

Lauren is the voice for many unsolved cases in Rhode Island, not just her mothers. She runs Unsolved R.I. which highlights cold cases throughout the state.

After helping many others, she is finally sharing the cold case that drives her endless fight.

“I’m never going to back down in the fight for justice for my mom but, thanks to her case I’ve found this passion for helping as many other people as I can with their cases.”

There is a $1,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in Lori Mallory’s case. Lauren Malloy created a petition to have her mothers case reopened.

Anyone with information should email or call the East Providence Police at 401-435-7600.

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