Cocaine and marijuana seized in Wareham

By Alana Cerrone

Photo Courtesy Massachusetts State Police

170 grams of cocaine were seized by State Police at a traffic stop in Wareham.

At 3:30 pm Tuesday, State Police Trooper Russell Patenaude pulled over a speeding Dodge Durango, black with dark tinted windows, on Route 25.

Trooper Patenaude could not see through the SUV windows because they were so dark, but he could see several people inside moving around. He could smell marijuana coming from the car, and when the driver rolled down the window his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. The Trooper ordered the driver, Eric Brando, 39, of Mashpee to roll down the rear window, where he saw Jose J. Olivo-Rivera, 44, of Osterville, shuffling under a sweatshirt and hiding his hands. Olivo-Rivera said he was doing that because he was cold, even though it was 65 degrees outside.

When Trooper Patenaude asked the front passenger, Gunnar Cahoon, 41, of South Yarmouth, to get out of the car, he was nervously shaking.

When Brando stepped out of the car, he was unsteady on his feet and admitted they had smoked a blunt in Rhode Island before they had gotten up to Wareham and that they had stopped at a friend's house, but didn't know where it was. Trooper Patenaude believes Brando was operating under the influence of marijuana.

While searching the car, Trooper Patenaude found a small bag of marijuana in the console. Then, he lifted the cup holder and found two big bags of cocaine inside totaling about 177 grams, and in the trunk found bottles of chemicals commonly used by drug dealers to cut cocaine. Another bag of marijuana was later found.

The three men are expected to be arraigned in Wareham District Court on Wednesday; Brando is charged with trafficking in cocaine, operating under the influence of drugs, obstructed/non-transparent windows, and speeding. Olivo-Rivera and Cahoon are charged with trafficking in cocaine.

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