A Tip Reopens Cold Case In Pawtucket

Pawtucket police have gotten a break in a three year old cold case murder. They've gotten a tip about where the murder weapon may be hidden.

The State Police Dive Team and Pawtucket Police will search a swamp two miles from where the murder happened back in 2008. They're looking for the gun that was used to kill Carl Seebeck.

You may recall, Seebeck was walking to a bus stop on Broadway Street headed to work when someone tried to rob him, according to police. It went terribly wrong and Seebeck, the brother of a Pawtucket Police Captain was shot to death.      

Now, more than three and a half years later, police have received a tip that may lead them to the murder weapon.

“It could be extremely significant,” said Major Arthur Martins, “We won't know that until we find it and then we'll examine and see if there is any forensic evidence still on it.”

Thursday morning, teams will search in this swamp off the Moshassuck Valley Industrial Highway. If they find a gun, police say they will use the serial number to locate previous owners and go from there. We will be on scene as the search gets underway.