Commerce Corp. launches “Make it Yours” program

A month after the botched cooler warmer campaign was unveiled officials from the Commerce Corporation are pushing a new concept that lets you make the state’s new logo your own.

Thursday the "Make it Yours" pop up studio launched in downtown Providence. It’ll be open for a week and is one aspect of the program aimed to get Rhode Islander’s involved in the new tourism campaign.

"We’ve invited the public to come down and be a part of shaping the story to share their memories, share their photos, play with some tools we’ve made,” said Seth Goldenberg the Chief Creative Director of the Tourism Campaign.

The new concept keeps the logo that was in the Cooler Warmer campaign but encourages people to make it their own by sharing pictures and videos using the #MyRIStory.

"I like the idea of it, I still think it needs some work,” said Rose Weaver.

"I think before we were not a part of it. It was just really a top decision and now after the fiasco that happened everybody is really getting involved and taking ownership which is a great idea,” said Robert Siu.

And, from what we can tell the new concept seems to be getting a better reception than the initial Cooler Warmer idea.

"I just felt that it needed explaining and if you have to why we were cooler or warmer it made people uncomfortable. I think this is self explanatory make it your own Rhode Island, everyone does when they come here so everyone just needs to share their story about it,” said Jennifer Gervais.

If you’d like more info check out the website for the new campaign:

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