Community members rally in support of healthcare workers at The Miriam Hospital

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – Community members showed up with signs outside of The Miriam Hospital Wednesday morning with one task in mind: to say thank you.

The simple act of kindness comes as healthcare workers continue to face a surge in patients due to the Omicron variant, all while battling staffing shortages.

Mark Lambert, organizer of the rally, says he wanted to find a way to show healthcare workers that the community still cares.

“They’re exhausted. They may feel like they’re less than appreciated in the community, so this is just an outward way of saying, thanks for all you’re doing in your exhaustion,” Lambert said.

Lambert hung up signs and knocked on neighbors’ doors, hoping to rally up a group to help encourage workers as they headed in and out of work Wednesday. The group cheered and marched around the hospital for more than two hours.

“The staffing shortages at the hospital are incredible right now,” Lambert said. “We’re in a different place now than we were at the beginning, there are so fewer workers that are available to come in and it adds the burden to the folks working here.”

For people like Jenni Mowry, the support from the community meant everything after a challenging few months. Mowry oversees customer services and screening at The Miriam Hospital.

“You know, you come into work every day and you do what you do, and you’re faced with challenges,” Mowry said. “People are upset, patients are sick, staff are tired, and people are burnt out. And then you come out or get dropped off by the shuttle and here is the neighborhood saying thank you. It verifies everything you’re doing and why you’re doing it. It’s amazing.”

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