Community policing coming back to North Providence

By News Staff

Reporting by Liz Tufts

Community policing is coming back to North Providence. The mayor is now calling on the department to hit the streets and get to know the people they're protecting.

"I'm everywhere, police officers and firefighters know that it bothers me when I drive up Mineral Spring Avenue and see a police officer parked and he may be on patrol, or I see two of them stopped and chatting with each other," said Mayor Charlie Lombardi.

The department is now expected to get out of their car and onto the streets to bring back community policing.  

"I think it's time better well-spent talking to the taxpayers in the neighborhood. They may see our youth playing basketball, stop them, befriend them, and talk to them. I feel like we need to get back to our roots," the Mayor continued.

This is something Police Chief Christopher Pelagio has already started implementing and agrees will better the entire town.

"With policing changing since Ferguson and Balitmore, I've asked my guy to get back into the neighborhoods," said Pelagio.

So far the feed back I town has been positive. The Chief and mayor say they want North Providence to be known as the town where everyone knows your name.

The department also has more officers patrolling on bikes.

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