Community rallies around family after deadly fire

By: Chloe Leshner


COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE) — The community is rallying around a local family after a fire took the lives of a father and his young son.

Friends tell ABC 6 News the support is bringing comfort to the mother who is dealing with unimaginable loss, after Friday nights fire took her 4 year old son’s life.

Family and friends struggling with the reality that a young boy is gone after a fire ripped through a Coventry home.

"Michael was a very happy little boy. He loved to snuggle. He loved picking on his sister and playing with his older brother," says family friend Jessamy LeBeau.

Family friends say it was supposed to be a normal weekend. Ed Lorenzen was home from his government job in Maryland and spending time with his 3 kids at their Coventry home. The fire started around 6:30 Friday night, but he couldn’t escape the flames. Friends say he was found holding 4 year old Michael.

"He was a very active father figure, even though the distance was so large," says LeBeau.

First responders say 13 year old Zacheri is a hero, getting his 2 year old sister Penny out safely.

"He knows he did the right thing but I don’t think hes aware of the full impact yet," says LeBeau.

Investigators back at the house a day later. Bringing in State Police to help map out where the fire could have started.

"It’s too early for me at this point to come up with a cause of the fire. Am I going to deem this as suspicious? No, it’s still under investigation," says Michael Sweeney, Chief Investigator with the State Fire Marshal.

The tragedy, taking a toll on first responders.

"We all have children or grandchildren so it plays heavily on them. We did a stress debriefing at the fire station last night with all the first responders to make sure their well being was taken care of," says Hopkins Hill Fire Chief Robert Warren.

The support the family is receiving from the community is providing some comfort.

"Obviously it’s a long road ahead but knowing that the community is with her and supporting her so much it’s a huge help," says LeBeau.

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