Community remembers Munroe siblings

Nicole Gerber


FRANKLIN – This night was about a community healing. Hundreds of people gathered in Franklin to remember 7-year-old Sean and 8-year-old Lexi Munroe, killed earlier this week after being locked inside a hope chest.

Through song and prayer… and through tears, hundreds huddled together in the cold, holding candles… trying to come to grips with the loss of the siblings.

“We just wanted to let them know that we're here for them and we will be here for them for the duration,” said Christine Cosette, who helped organize the vigil.

“I feel like when you lose a kid it's like the most tragic thing anyone could go through so if even you just get a bunch of people they don't know to gather in the center of town and support them it's going to make them feel better,” said Kathleen Flannery, a friend of the Munroe family.

The Munroe family lit lanterns that floated into the distance after children released balloons into the air to pay tribute to the classmates and playmates they lost.

“Well my children go to school with Lexi and Sean and, rode the bus, saw them every day, and my son really wanted to come and pay his respects,” said Jodie Maloney of Franklin.

“It makes me feel better,” said her son Jake.

Still it's hard for people. especially parents, to imagine such a tragedy like this happening in their town.

“My heart breaks, it really does, and I couldn't imagine being in their shoes right now. They're a wonderful family and it's just a very tragic accident,” said Jen Gouthro, who helped organize the vigil.

The community will come together again on Monday morning for Lexi and Sean's funeral at St. Mary's Church in Franklin.

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