Composting Becomes a More Popular Trend

Composting is becoming more and more popular as people look for alternative solutions to waste management. At the Rhode Island Compost Conference and Trade Show, many alternatives were on exhibit for novice and experienced composters.

Coordinator of the Rhode Island Compost Initiative, Greg Gerritt explained that there are 150 towns throughout the country that have mandatory compost collection systems in place. Something like that could be a huge solution to cut waste at landfills here in Rhode Island, “we have a lot of opportunity here in Rhode Island to make some changes. To collect compostables and get them composted instead of throwing them in the landfill and making methane, making stink and feeding seagulls.”

For the  novice composters who are looking to become more eco-friendly, Gerrikk explains how simple it is to start. “well it's really quite simple, all you have to do is keep a canister on your counter, put your food scraps in and then bring it out to your outside compost pile.”

The Worm Ladies of Charlestown, use red wigglers to compost their waste. Nancy Warner, Owner and Creator says, “the worms are certainly a big solution to our food waste problems, as well as paper and textiles, we throw in the drier lint and the vacuum cleaner bags.”

Another positive to using worms in your compost is that there is no smell. Therefore you can keep your compost bin in your house, “with the worms, there is no smell. So it's actually a cleaner, neater way than throwing all this garbage in your trash.” Nancy has cut her trash in half since using her worms. Not only is she being eco-friendly, she is saving money. The worms get rid of her trash and make wonderful fertilizer so she can grow more produce.