Concern for more ice dams with next Winter Blast

By: Rebecca Turco


CRANSTON – Many homeowners are concerned about ice dams with more snow and rain on the way this weekend.

Ice dams happen when your home does not have enough roof insulation, according to Ron L’Heureux, who owns Cornerstone Contractors. The snow on your roof melts, then comes down the edge along the gutter and freezing temperatures make ice build up on top of it.

Ice dams have been such a problem this winter because we have seen so much snow and there has not been enough time for it to melt fully, according to L’Heureux. He says the main sign to look out for is water and ice trickling along the outside walls of your home. “That means the water is getting in behind the gutters,” he explained. “That’s your first key that you may have a problem.”

Barbara and Melvin Colby of Cranston know firsthand the damage ice dams can cause. Their bedroom ceiling caved in and they have extensive damage from roof leaks across their house. They are just happy no one was inside when the ceiling fell.

“If we make it through Sunday, I think we’ll be all set,” Barbara said.

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