Concern over new bike lane in Plainville

By Matt Blanchette


Cars and trucks go hummng down Route 1 each day approching a busy hub that connects Interstate 495 to Wrentham, Foxboro and Plainville.

As motorists approach the brand new Plainridge Park Casino, they notice new pavement and this new bicycle lane.

But as you can see, cars must cross over that lane to get into the casino while traveling north or to turn right onto taunton street heading south.

"If you gotta get through there, it's directing you a way to get through. So I think it's a good thing," Bob Sirois said.

He owns a nearby bike shop and says he is glad to see the new bike lane.

The problem is through, it abruptly ends just after the casino, spilling any cyclist right back on to the route 1 shoulder.

The bike signage directs you down into the casino, but ironically there aren't bike racks for anyone who does choose to ride to gamble.

Even Sirous sees some issues with the lanes.

"I can see why some people have issues because you just don't seem them up here. I think people just have to get used to it. I think it's just education."