Concerns in Cumberland

A day after a 10–year–old Cumberland girl died from complications of the enterovirus, the school district is taking action to ensure the safety of all students. Inside Community School where 5th grader Emily Otrando attended…

Cleaners are hard at work, praying down the building and inside school buses, making sure other students are safe from the enterovirus.

The 10–year–old passed away last week from complications of it . The town’s police chief says his phone has been ringing off the hook with concerend parents wanting to know if they’re kids are safe at school, or if they should keep them home.

“Parents of children should have their concerns, can my children catch it? Are they in danger? And I can say as of right now there haven’t been a lot of children who have been sick in our community, ” says Chief Desmarais.

Health officials urge parents to keep their kids home if they are sick and have them wash their hands up to six times a day.

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