Congressman Langevin bringing RI emergency care doctor as special guest to inauguration

Dr. Ranney has been working on the front lines as as an emergency care doctor, as well as a public health researcher, throughout the pandemic

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) – In the audience at Wednesday’s inauguration will be Rhode Island Emergency Care Dr. Megan Ranney.

She’s been working on the front lines at Miriam and Rhode Island Hospitals, as well as advocating for improved public health policies to address the PPE shortages in the country.

“I hope Dr. Ranney’s presence here is a big shout out to all of our front line healthcare workers for the extraordinary work they’re doing. I can’t imagine how difficult it is, the burden that they have on their shoulders as they try to keep people healthy and save lives,” said Congressman Langevin.

Dr. Ranney says she got the invitation to the inauguration while working at the Covid field hospital at the Rhode Island Convention Center.

“And so, the juxtaposition in my mind of, here I was taking care of these folks who couldn’t go home because they were too sick from Covid, with a chance to come down here and see the inauguration of a new administration, who was going to help stop that from happening, is just so tremendously meaningful to me,” said Dr. Ranney.

The U.S surpassed 400,000 deaths from the virus on Tuesday. Dr. Ranney called it mind boggling.

“The thing that we need most right now is to get people vaccinated,” said Dr. Ranney. “We in Rhode Island are still in the midst of this fall and winter surge. We still see innumerable patients presenting to the emergency departments and admitted to the hospital each day. But every person that gets vaccinated is going to decrease that impact.”

Though Dr. Ranney is hopeful the fight against the virus will improve under the new administration, she says she knows it won’t be simple.

“There’s no magical thinking here. It’s not like tomorrow we’re going to have a new administration in place and this is all going to be fixed,” said Dr. Ranney. “It took a long time to get to where we are. It’s going to take a while to see things get better.”

Congressman Langevin added that he is looking forward to a safe inauguration. He said he’s impressed by the multiple layers of security they’ll have and said he’s confident that the Secret Service will not be caught off guard, as the Capitol Police were a few weeks ago.

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