Conn. man admits he pretended to be Rhode Island resident in bank fraud case

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WLNE) — United States Attorney Zachary Cunha said Wednesday that a Connecticut man admitted in court that he fraudulently created an online bank account in the name of a Rhode Island resident and then transferred money to that account.

Michael Joshua Saint-Victor admitted that he used the online account to access and transfer $65,500 to that account from a separate bank account controlled another Rhode Island resident.

Cunha said neither Rhode Island resident had any knowledge of what 26-year-old Saint-Victor was doing under their names.

Cunha added that the defendant also admitted to submitting an application for a debit card tied to the bank account that he opened in the Rhode Island resident’s name, and that he also used this individual’s name to apply for a credit card with a second bank.

When the banks discovered the fraudulent activity, they returned the transferred money and denied both card applications.

Cunha said Saint-Victor pled guilty to a charge of bank fraud and is scheduled to be sentenced on Nov. 1.

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