Construction crew gently pushes car out of the way in East Providence

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WLNE) – After posting an advanced warning not to park in the street Monday, a construction crew was spotted taking measures into their own hands by moving a car out of their way.

This happened Monday morning on North Hull Street in East Providence near the M&M convenience store, according to Richard Snyder who witnessed the incident.

It appears in the video that the front loader pushed the steel plate that the car was already parked on, thus simultaneously pushing the car back while not making contact with it.

East Providence Police say there were no reported complaints on that road Monday but they did have to tell several people to move their cars that were parked in the street.

Snyder says workers were “banging” on his door before 7 a.m. Monday to move his car out of the street and they attempted to do the same for the owner of the car in the video. After not making contact with the owner, crews decided to move it out of their way.

Crews were working on North Hull Street replacing the water mains, which they have been doing on a few streets in the neighborhood, according to Snyder.

Police say that usually a tow truck is called during instances such as this. However, police said that there could’ve been immediate action that needed to be done by the crew which prompted them pushing the car out of the way.

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