Construction worker saves family from house fire

By: John Guice  

  A construction worker sees a house on fire, takes action, saving the family and puts out the fire. Marco Botelho was working a block away when he saw smoke at 55 Saint James street in West Warwick. He stopped  what he was doing and ran to the house and began knocking on the door. The Luiz family was inside sleeping and did not immediately hear Botelho. He saw the flames and tried to kick the door down. After he saw movement in the house he grabbed the water hose and began to put the fire out. Firefighters believe the fire may have started from a downed wire that hit the house. Firefighters  arrived, along with national grid and secured the area. The Luiz family is grateful saying, if Botellho had not awoken them, they could have lost their lives.They're thankful and appreciative of the actions of one alert construction worker.