Controlled demolition conducted on remaining section of collapsed Miami condo

SURFSIDE, FLORIDA (WLNE) – Crews conducted a controlled demolition of the remaining section of the partially collapsed condo building in Surfside late Sunday night.

The part of the building that had been standing is now just a pile of rubble.

Residents in the area were told to close their windows and stay inside as the demolition team used a technique called “energetic felling” to bring the tower down.

Now, the difficult work of searching for victims can resume and crews will possibly be able to access areas they haven’t gotten to yet.

“The gravity will pull it, everything straight down, but it will have a little tilt to it where the material wants to stay away from the collapsed part so they can continue the recovery,” Demolitions Expert Dab Hoffman said.

Officials decided to bring the remaining structure down, partially because they want to get ahead of any impacts from Tropical Storm Elsa that could be felt.


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