Convicted Killer’s Pre-Sentence Report, Obsessions

ABC6's Shannon O'Brien was the first to get a copy of Kimberly Fry's pre-sentence report. It is a confidential document used by the court when considering the sentence to impose on a convicted defendant.

Tuesday, a motion to seal this document and make O'Brien return her copy was filed by the Department of Corrections in Superior Court. The judge denied the motion.

Kimberly Fry has given her consent for this information to be
released. Some of the information in the report touches on an obsession
that may have contributed to her daughter's death.

Kimberly Fry killed her 8-year old daughter, Camden, because she
refused to take a bath. The ensuing temper tantrum ended with Fry
strangling the child.

During Fry's murder trial, witnesses testified Fry was “obsessed with cleanliness.”

She went so far as to make Camden's friends sanitize their hands before playing games at the Fry home. Fry also called other homes where Camden was a guest to make sure she had washed her hands before dinner.

ABC6 is the only television station to obtain this pre-sentence
report, which gives us another glimpse into Kimberly Fry's obsession.

While at the ACI, Fry has, so far, been cited for disobedience 15 times. Four had to do with hygiene.

The first citation was in January of 2010. Fry asked for her laundry to be done separately from the other inmates' laundry. The report says, “inmate was trying to get her laundry done to benefit
herself. She has stated to me in the past that she does not like for
other inmates to touch her bedding.”

In September of that year, Fry was caught with a brand new set of
sheets that were not prison issued. Fry said she was “given
the sheet set from a clothing officer.”

Another citation for disobedience came when Fry was caught with toiletries she was accused of taking from the property room.

Finally, in November of 2011, the report says, in a demeaning
tone, Fry “questioned a correctional officer about the procedure of
having coats for the yard put in the same bin, whether they were clean
or dirty.”

Other disciplinary incidents include: Assaulting an inmate during an argument, questioning an officer about
a rule as he was disciplining another inmate, and telling nursing
students how they should be administering flu shots during a flu shot

The information in this pre-sentence report is extremely sensitive. While ABC6 will continue to report on the facts contained in this document, we will also respectfully protect the identities and statements of other witness interviews contained within it.