CONVICTION VACATED: What’s next for victim’s family and Hernandez’s estate?

By Alana Cerrone


Odin Lloyd’s mother Ursula Ward fights back tears after a judge vacates the murder conviction against Aaron Hernandez, the man who was found guilty of killing her son.

But her reaction may come as a surprise.

"I know everyone is looking for me to be angry, but I’m not."

Instead, she says, she won. "No one won today – but I won – because I have God on my side."

She says she hasn’t given up. And neither has her attorney, Doug Sheff. He’s confident the vacated conviction won’t affect the wrongful death suit they’ve filed against Hernandez.

Sheff wouldn’t comment on how this might impact Hernandez’s estate but he did say now that the criminal cases are cleared it opens up doors to find that out.

"We are moving forward with that discovery process and we are interested in finding out where the money went."

Sheff says they paid particular attention to a line in the note Hernandez wrote for his fiancee Shayanna Jenkins before he died – the one that reads ‘you’re rich’.

"We don’t know what that refers to – we’d like to find out. That’s one of many many questions yet to be answered in terms of where the assets are."

The only asset he could speak to was Hernandez’s car, which was sold, and the funds were directed to the court. He wouldn’t comment on the future of Hernandez’s $1.3 million home in North Attleboro or any money that might in the future be owed by the Patriots.

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