Cooking for a record

By: Melissa Randall

Ben Perry of Smithfield has been up chopping, stirring, and mixing for more than a day straight. The Smithfield teen is attempting to break a world record by cooking for 40 hours in a row.

Perry, a high school senior, began his attempt in the kitchen at St. Basil's Church in Lincoln Tuesday just after midnight. 40 hours will take him to 4:20 PM Wednesday.

The aspiring chef is cooking 3 meals a day- which are going to help feed the needy. He raised all the money needed to buy the food.

Perry's family has been by his side helping to document the process. Every moment has to be recorded on video and witness statements taken.

After the 40 hours Perry will send the documentation to the Guinness Book of World Records to validate his attempt. It could take a month to find out if he has officially broken the record.

The current record of 38 ½ hours is held by a professional chef in Switzerland.

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