Correctional Officer Charged With Molestation

Thirty seven-year old Kevin Allard's job is to supervise criminals held behind bars. Today he's a criminal himself, now charged with seven counts of molestation a child. Pawtucket Police say Kevin Allard had been molesting a twelve-year old girl going back to December. They say he met the girl through his thirteen-year old son. It first started out as a texting relationship, but soon became physical. 
According to police records “the first sexual encounter was on January eighteenth.” The young girl told the police it happened in the parking lot behind a local bank, then for the next three months the victim says it also happened inside Allard's home, and also at her home when her mother wasn't there. There were a total of eight encounters, the young girl told police that Allard never wore a condom. 
We talked to Allard's wife and she says, “It's all a lie… I really hope that she's doing it for the right reasons. I have a thirteen-year old and a sixteen-year old if they were ever going to do this to break up someone's family and cause this much turmoil and pain that there was a good reason for it.”
ABC6 Reporter Liz Tufts asked Kristen Allard, the suspect's wife, if she was going to stand behind her husband. Kristen said, “Absolutely.” She says she hasn't been able to talk to her husband. He was arrested on Wednesday, March twenty first after police posed as the girl and texted him to meet up. Little did he know it was the police. Kristen insists that they have it all wrong saying, “He's a been a correctional officer for Wyatt for eleven years, he was in the military and got medically discharged… this just not him.”     
Allard is being held without bail, and if convicted, he could spend seven consecutive life sentences behind bars.