Could the recent heat be the new ‘normal’?

Chelsea Priest

After a record breaking streak of eleven straight days with temperatures near or over 100° in the Midwest, the heat wave is finally breaking.

The heat isn't the only extreme weather the U.S. has seen over the past month. There are the Colorado wildfires, and also extreme drought conditions. Could all this be a sign that the weather is changing?

ABC6 Meteorologist, Steve Cascione says that global warming is definitely happening, but doubts it is man-made. “Global warming does take place, it has taken place for billions of years and it will take place billions of years from now, man isn't contributing that much to it, its just a cyclical thing.”

Extremes happen year round, all over the world. Here in New England we saw one of the warmest and driest winters on record, while opposite extremes were happening elsewhere. Russia saw it's worst flooding in 70 years, and the U.K. had it's wettest June since 1910 and it's coldest June since 1991.

Here in Southern New England, every month this year except June, had above average monthly temperatures. Now, July is back above average but we are starting to feel some relief, so enjoy it while you can.