Councilman Defends Letter To Couple, Asking For Contributions

A Providence City Councilor is reluctantly talking about his controversial request. A now, embarrassed Sam Zurier asked for a political donation in return for fixing the sidewalk in front of a disabled man's house.

The councilman told us he doesn't want to talk about this anymore. He already sent out an apology to his constituents and said that should be enough. He just wants to go back to work.   

Councilman Sam Zurier is clearly embarrassed. He whispered as he told us he already apologized for a letter he sent to a disabled man and his wife, asking for a campaign contribution.  

“Would you be willing to tell us just to defend yourself,” we asked.  “No no no,” said Zurier, “I said that was all I wished to say about the matter.”

In the letter he sent to the Witman's, Zurier asked for campaign donations after getting the city to repair their sidewalk. “What a moron to put this in writing,” said Dee Dee Witman.

Mr. Witman is disabled and in a wheelchair. He said he couldn't safely get around on the sidewalk before it was fixed, so he's grateful for that. But his wife said it didn't have to come to this.      

Zurier said sorry to his constituents in a letter, but the Witmans are looking for something a bit more personal.

“How dumb can you be not to know to pick up the phone and say Dee Dee, it's Sam. I goofed. I made a big mistake,” said Witman.