Couple nearly throws out million dollar scratch ticket

By: Alexandra Cowley

A million dollar scratch ticket almost thrown out, but thanks to a good memory, a North Attleboro couple has a great story to tell. They came really close to losing it all, before winning big.

When it comes to gambling. Joe Zagami likes to air on the safe side. His slot machine at home, always gives his money back. Which is why he was skeptical about buying scratch tickets. But his wife was the optimist.

JoAnne Zagami said, “Don't worry we're going to win a million dollars.”

Joe and JoAnne were going through tough financial times. Barely making their mortgage and their son's wedding was a week away. So, they figured they'd gamble with some scratch tickets.

“I was hoping I would win at least 500 dollars to pay for the rehearsal dinner,” JoAnne laughed.

The Zagamis had a ticket worth a lot more than that, and they almost threw it away.

“He came home with the groceries and I completely forgot about the ticket,” said JoAnne.

Joe and JoAnne didn't realize they never scratched the tickets, until the next Morning.

“He said to me wheres the tickets, and I said what tickets?” said JoAnne.

Joe went straight to the trash.

“I went looking for the bags and then I remembered I threw them away last night,” he recalled.

The bags were right on top and the tickets inside.

“I found it, I found it, except we didn't know at that time it was a winner,” said Joe.

Joe was the one who scratched the winning ticket.

“I had to wake her up I didn't believe it,” he said.

“It was like a dollar bill and it said one mil,” explained JoAnne.

The win will change a lot for the happy couple, but one thing will stay the same. Joe will continue to play his slot machine every morning.

“I'll still play this in the morning I know I can't lose see,” Joe laughed.

The couple opted for the lump sum payout which will end up being 650 thousand dollars before taxes. They say they'll pay off their mortgage, help pay for their son's wedding, and take a much needed vacation.

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