Couple pays for motel room for two homeless men in Attleboro before Christmas

ATTLEBORO, Mass. (WLNE) – A couple is being praised for their act of kindness last week towards those less fortunate just days before Christmas.

Pamela Tarallo works for the Attleboro Area Interfaith Collaborative, an organization that runs more than half a dozen soup kitchens in Attleboro.

Tarallo said the night before Christmas Eve a couple was walking downtown on Park Street when they passed an empty storefront and saw two homeless men in the doorway.

“Two of our homeless men have nowhere to stay so they’ve been sleeping in an abandoned doorway uptown in Attleboro. And they were settling down and a couple came by and started to talking to them. They heard them, asked them if that was where they were living and they said yes,” Tarallo explained.

She said the couple first ran home to drop off their child but promised they’d return. About a half-hour later, they did.

“(They) came back, got them and brought them up to the Knights Inn in North Attleboro and rented them a room, give them some peace of mind for the evening.”

Tarallo has known the men, named Bob and Renee, for decades. She said one is homeless because a divorce left him with nothing. The other is homeless because he’s not from this country and had a hard time getting on his feet, she said.

“They’ve just been around forever and ever, they float from place to place because they don’t really have anywhere they can base out of.”

She was their first call after their free night stay.

“I got a phone call and he’s like, ‘Can you come pick us up? We’re at the Knights Inn.’ And I’m like ‘OK’, I was just down the street anyway, so, I go pick them up and I’m like, ‘How did you end up here?’ Because they have no money, no nothing,” Tarallo explained. “And so he told me the story and he was just so happy. It was the world to him.”

What would have been a chilly night sleeping on the streets turned out to be quite the Christmas gift from two strangers to two other strangers.

We were unable to get in contact with the men, but Tarallo said they were very grateful.

“One of them was just happy to take a hot shower, and they had a bed, you know, and could just have heat and warmth. When they began their evening to settle down they were in a doorway and they ended up being able to be in beds.”

None of them know who the couple is, and while they might want to remain anonymous, Tarallo wants them to know their kindness didn’t go unnoticed.

“It is a nice Christmas gift and just nice to see the humanity and the kindness of these people. There are a lot of good people out there and these homeless people are good people and I’m glad they saw that.”

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