Couple searches for wedding venue after fire

By Dana Griffin


FOXBORO, MA- Brian Doherty and Amanda Brady have been planning their wedding for a year and a half. Their perfect plans were all set for this weekend, until the wedding venue burned down.

The couple has looked at ten venues since Sunday. But, trying to find a space at the last minute has been nearly impossible.

Luckily, Hillside Country Club in Rehoboth showed up to the devastated site, looking to help any couples in need.

General Manager, Susan Pimental said, “Nobody could envision this happening with anybody. I'm sure their hearts go out to them and their family; to plan this special day for a year and a half and then it goes up in smoke.”

So we got the manager in contact with Brian and Amanda and one hour later, the couple added Hillside Country Club to the top of their list.

“It's beautiful. It has the beautiful chandeliers, especially this little entrance here. It's just like Lakeview,” said Amanda Brady.

“We're gonna honor whatever package they already have so whatever they want we're gonna mirror here,” said Pimental.

The couple hasn't made a final decision, but they are grateful to local businesses that have tried to help.

Owners of Lakeview Pavilion are giving a full refund by the end of the week to all the couples affected by this fire.

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