Couple who drowned in Jamestown identified by police

JAMESTOWN, R.I. (WLNE) — The couple who died in Jamestown yesterday has now been identified by police. They were fishing on the rocks when the rough surf pulled them in.

Waves on Sunday were 8 feet high, enough to sweep a woman who had been fishing on the rocks into the water, her husband jumping in after her. Now the Rhode Island DEM is using the tragedy to remind people to stay away from certain areas when the surf is so rough.

Fort Wetherill State Park was empty Monday afternoon. With winds and crashing waves, fishermen weren’t taking any chances one day after a couple from Quincy drowned while fishing.

“I wouldn’t risk it on a day like today, not without the proper gear for it. It can be pretty dangerous and obviously cost more than just a slip on the rocks,” says David Crowell from Newport

This weekend’s storm stirred up rough surf claiming the lives of 51 year old Kongjuan Wei and her husband 52 year old Xianzan Tan.

They were fishing on these rocks with 1 other person for about a half hour before being pulled in.

“It’s a tricky location when the waves are pushing up on the rocks it can be really slick,” says Crowell.

DEM officials tell ABC 6 News this hasn’t happened at this spot before but they’re still using it as a warning to others.

“The sea, waves, they’re really powerful and we can often misjudge how big something is. Give yourself twice as much space as you’d think you need,” says Mike Healey with the DEM.

The US Coast Guard and Jamestown Fire Department assisted.

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