Court rejects appeal from inmate seeking to expunge marriage

By The Associated Press


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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) – The Rhode Island Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from a man serving life in prison who asked for his marriage record to be sealed because he’s considered dead under state law.

Cody-Allen Zab argued his record should be expunged because an inmate serving a life sentence is “civilly dead” and can’t get married in Rhode Island.

In an order Tuesday, the court said Zab is civilly dead, meaning he has no right to litigate this issue at the Supreme Court.

The court also questioned how he got married in the first place.

Zab was sentenced in 2008 for setting fire to a home to attempt to recoup a drug debt. A 95-year-old man, who wasn’t the intended victim, died.

Zab got married in 2012 and was granted a divorce in 2013.

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