Coventry Fire District running out of money

 By: ABC6 News Staff

Tax payers in Coventry will soon be faced with a difficult choice. The Coventry Fire District board is calling for a referendum to raise taxes or dissolve the district. Chairman Frank Palin says that the cash strapped district will run out of money by late July if nothing changes.

Board members plan on briefing the public about the financial crisis this Wednesday at 7 pm at the Feinstein Middle School. Palin says the department has been over spending for decades. The newly elected board now has a clear picture of the financial situation and is concerned. The proposed supplemental tax increase could range from 10 to 40%.

That figure depends on negotiations with the firefighters union. The board is asking Local 3372 for serious concessions. ABC6 reached out to the union president for comment, but so far calls have gone unanswered. The board is also asking the town to step up with assistance.

The referendum is set for Wednesday, June 17th. Voters will be able to cast ballots from 8 am to 6pm at the Club Jogues.

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