Coventry man arrested for malnourished dog

© Courtesy of Coventry Police

By: Rachael L. Perry

COVENTRY, R.I – A man has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty after turning himself in Thursday.

Police and Animal Control Officers responded to a complaint of an animal in distress on Sept. 3rd 2016, and upon arrival officers located a male Golden Retriever that appeared extremely emaciated.

Police identified 33-year-old Sean O’Leary, of Coventry, as the owner of the dog and home that witnesses claimed to be abandoned for more than two weeks.

The Animal Control Officer on scene transported the Golden Retriever to an area Animal Hospital for evaluation.

Authorities say due to his poor body conduction and dehydration the Retriever was admitted to the hospital for treatment.

O’Leary was charged with: Unnecessary Cruelty to Animals (R.I.G.L) 4-1-2 Failure to feed Animals, Unnecessary Cruelty to Animals (R.I.G.L) 4-1-3 Inadequate living Conductions, and Compulsory Rabies Vaccination (R.I.G.L) 4-13-31 section (i) Failing to vaccinated against Rabies.

Currently “Lucky” the Golden Retriever is in the care of Animal Control officers and the Officers are working on getting him healthy and back to ideal weight.

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