Coventry: Mow your lawn.. or we’ll do it

Dee DeQuattro

The town of Coventry passed a new ordinance Monday night telling residence they better mow their lawns-or the city will do it for them.

The ordinance proposed by Kerry McGee, the council's Vice President allows the town to issue a citation to any resident with grass over twelve inches long. The resident then has ten days to answer the citation.

If the grass is not mowed within ten days of the citation the town will send a Department of Public Works employee over to perform the maintenance and a lien will be placed upon the property for the cost of the work.

Town Council President Gary Cote said the ordinance was introduced after the town received a large number of complaints about unkept lawns bringing down the areas property values.

The ordinance is meant to target abandoned and nuisance properties in town. Cote says there will be exemptions form personal hardships and medical issues.

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