Coventry Officer Dies, Falls From Tree

A Coventry police officer is dead. He was killed off duty after falling from a ladder in his own front yard. His co-workers, some of them who've worked with him for twenty years, had to respond to the 911 call.

Chief Bryan Volpe found his coworker and good friend on the front lawn unconscious after falling several feet from a tree.

Flags were at half staff outside the Coventry Police Station. Five officers responded to a 911 call on Whitman Road around two Friday afternoon, where they found one of their own unconscious.

“It's hard to put into words, but I would say when you see a close friend and a person that you've known for quite a few years in that type of condition, it hits you hard,” said Volpe.

Volpe saw his friend lying on the driveway. He had been on a ladder trimming branches when he fell to his death. His fiance found him.

“It was difficult,” said Volpe, “It was very difficult.”

The chief wouldn't release the officers name until his entire family has been notified. He knows the family well and was at the hospital giving them comfort.

“From being with them, I feel their grief and I'm sure it's difficult for them,” said Volpe, “I don't even know how to express it.”

There are 57 officers on Coventry's Police Department. The town's council president told us there was a stream of them and officers from surrounding towns going in and out of the hospital Friday giving their condolences to the family.