Coventry parents raising money to try and fund after-school sports

Since Saturday community members and local businesses have raised between $11,000 and $12,000 dollars.

COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE) – With Coventry schools level funded And no budget finalized in the town as of yet, a group of parents are taking it upon themselves to try and raise the money for their kids to play sports.

Other extracurricular activities like drama and music are also up in the air.

“The governor finally says we can compete and then the town says we can’t,” said Cross Country Captain Riley Marszalek.

Cross country is one of the fall sports that was given the green light by Governor Raimondo to go on as planned.

However in Coventry, as in past years, as of now the schools are level funded and after school clubs like sports may not be an option.

“So by our kids taking a back seat, colleges are going to offer those other kids scholarships over our kids,” said Parent Gina Dove.

“Started talking as parents about fundraising but didn’t think we could do it because obviously we needed a lot of money,” said Parent Jennifer Marszalek.

According Marszalek, about $42,000 is needed for fall sports. To help with the costs, she and some other parents started a Go-Fund-Me as a Hail Mary to fully fund the teams.

“It’s very helpful that our parents stepped in because we would not be able to make it this big,” said Cross Country Runner Allison Dove.

Since Saturday community members and local businesses have raised between $11,000 and $12,000 dollars.

Parents say some school committee members told them that if they show they are making an effort to raise some of the money, they may be able to meet them in the middle with the rest of the funding.

“It’s really our hope they’re going to vote yes and fund the fall sports that can happen,” said Gina Dove.

The deadline to fund sports with the RIIL is this Friday.
There is an emergency school committee meeting to discuss this funding on Thursday.

“This is my senior year, I’m a captain here, and the team means so much to me I wouldn’t want to miss it,” said Riley Marszalek.

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