Coventry residents call for councilman to resign

By: Alexandra Cowley

A call for a town council member in Coventry to resign. Voters say he doesn't have their best interests at heart. They're accusing the councilor of not living in the district he represents.

Residents we spoke to at Monday night's meeting said councilman Ted Jendzejec is renting out his Coventry home in district five. They came to the meeting asking why he's still serving residents in a town he doesn't live in.

Irene Drew addressed the Coventry town council Monday night about rumors she'd been hearing, that Councilman Ted Jendzejec is renting out his home. Drew found a listing on Zillow.

“I just wanted to make sure we had adequate representation. I as a resident of district 5 would like to know whether or not he does still reside in Coventry,”said Drew.

Drew says there are too many important issues facing the district, including consolidating fire departments, for a council member to not to be fully invested.

Councilman Jendzejec didn't deny listing his home at 92 Coventry Drive for rent.

“It's something I looked into, it's something I continue to look into,” he said.

But we found he did actually rent it. There were people at the home when we went there who told us they're leasing the home from the councilman.

Jendzejec said, “I'm still a resident of Coventry, I vote from Coventry, my car is registered from Coventry, I have a P.O. Box in Coventry. So, my residence is in Coventry.”

Council President Gary Cote says it's not the council's job to investigate a member's residency.

Cote said, “No one has brought any evidence forward that shows that you don't live at that address. Who is any member to disqualify you from your elected position?”

Residents feel they're being cheated.

Debra Bacon said, “We live in the Central Coventry, the district that has many issues, we have a budget that's coming up and if he's voting on different things he should be living in our district he should have a vested interest.”

The people living at the councilman's Coventry home say they just moved in. Councilman Jendzejec says he does plan to resign when the time is right.

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