Coventry residents spread joy with messages of kindness

COVENTRY, R.I. (WLNE) – The coronavirus pandemic has been especially hard on those struggling with mental health.

As a result, some residents in Coventry are trying to boost people’s moods by posting signs with messages of kindness.

“When COVID-19 hit, we wanted to keep positivity in everybody’s mind,” said Katelyn Bianco, the project coordinator of the Coventry Substance Abuse Task Force.

The task force planted 50 signs around town on Tuesday. The signs say phrases like “Spread Kindness,” and “You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are.”

“We sometimes get lost in the negativity of the day to day. There’s something good that happens every day no
matter what and we just wanted to being that forward,” said Bianco.

The signs are currently posted in Kent and South Counties.

“I think they’re awesome,” said Jason Messier, who is a councilman in West Warwick.

After seeing the signs in Coventry, he wants to bring them into his community as well.

“There’s so much negativity– especially on social media. So, if I can do a little bit by posting these signs throughout the community and let people know there are a lot of positive things going on, instead of all the negativity,” said Messier.

Since the signs were posted, Bianco said there’s been a spike in demand from homeowners and business owners asking to place signs in their yards too.

If you’d like to get a sign for your yard, you can message the Coventry Substance Abuse Task Force on Facebook, or you can call/text Bianco at (401)-529-5216.

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