Cox Communications cutting nearly 300 jobs in W.Warwick

By News Staff



Cox Communications is cutting 234 jobs in their West Warwick call center.

That's nearly 18% of the Cox employees in the state. The company is closing its call center in West Warwick later this year.

Its regional headquarters will remain here in Rhode Island while the company will consolidate its call centers across the country shutting down the smallest ones.

This won't help Rhode Island's unemployment rate which is currently at 9.1 percent.  

Cox Communications statement:

“Although this was a difficult decision for our company, relocating jobs from our smaller residential call centers to larger existing call centers minimized the number of employees affected across the company,” said Jennifer Bramley, Vice President of Government and Public Affairs. “Cox employees are talented, skilled individuals and highly valued by our company. The affected employees will have the opportunity to apply for different jobs within our region, relocate to a best-in-class center of excellence, or, if they move on from Cox, they will be offered a robust severance with an extension of benefits. We are committed as a company to do everything we can to help employees move into new opportunities.”

Cox remains committed to Rhode Island with more than 1,100 employees in the region, nearly 900 of them are located in West Warwick, its Northeast region headquarters. The company will continue to make investments in the community and in its statewide broadband network. Since 2001, Cox Communications has provided more than $5.6 million in charitable support to more than 130 nonprofit organizations focusing on children and educational initiatives in the Northeast region. Cox has also invested more than $1 billion in its network, making Rhode Island one of the most broadband-ready states in the nation.