Coyote Sightings On The Rise In Warren

A coyote gobbles up a farmer's newborn calf in the middle of the night. Coyote sightings in Warren and across Rhode Island are on the rise.

Neighbors are worried the coyotes will strike again. They see them traveling in packs, lurking around backyards.
The farmer told us he's fed up with the coyotes, losing his newborn calf the other night cost him 700-dollars.

Paul Brule locks up his cows like he always does on his Kickemuit Road farm, but now gates aren't enough to keep coyotes out of his yard. Over the weekend, a group of them jumped the fence and feasted on his newborn calf. The fence is about five feet tall.

“When we came out at six in the morning, the calf was dead and half eaten,” said Brule, “We knew by the footprints, it was coyotes.”

This is the first time in three decades Brule has lost a calf to coyotes, which worries him because he's expecting 14 more calves this year.

“You just gotta say well we gotta do something about this,” said Brule, “We gotta get them because they'll clean the herd out. They'll prowl every night.”

Brule said he's prepared to shoot the coyotes if he sees them in his yard, which is against town law. His neighbor Merton Caton said he hasn't had a problem with coyotes but has seen a lot more around.

“I know there is at least three around here, because I have pictures of them that verify it,” said Caton, “They're probably about 100 yards away from me.”

One coyote was struck and killed by a car last night. Brule's not sure if that's one of the coyotes who ate his calf. “You need more than one to bother them because the cows will take on any one animal,” said Brule.

Warren Animal Control said coyote sightings in town are common, especially as it gets warmer, because that's when they feed. It's more likely they'll attack small pets or livestock. Attacks on people are extremely rare.