Coyote warning in Fairhaven


Pictures are all that Abby Saba has left of her two cats Lucky and Mitch. In a matter of weeks, both of them were suddenly killed. “My mom went down to the beach and she saw half a cat, and
recognized it was our cat, ” says Saba. It turned out to be Lucky, then a few days later Mitch was found in the backyard.

Abby thinks both cats were mauled by coyotes, bringing the total number of cats killed in their Fairhaven
neighborhood to five.

Marlo Cabral witnessed her neighbor's cat getting attacked
by a coyote two days ago. “I saw it drag the cats body down the beach…. I actually thought it was a child screaming it was horrible, ” says Cabral.

People living in this neighborhood are now being warned to
keep their pets indoors. and an eye on their kids. Animal control officials say the coyote problem in Massachusetts is worse this year. They usually feed on rabbits, but it's not uncommon for them to eat squirrels, cats or even small dogs.